We're on the move!

Preorder, then pick up at the events and locations listed below (when applicable).

Bedford County Humane Society Marianna's Fundraisers Sale

When: 30th of June 2023, Pick Up 3pm-6pm
Where: Bedford County Humane Society Shelter - 189 Bohn Road - Bedford, PA 15522
Orders due by: Thursday June 22, 2023 by 5pm

Everett Volunteer Fire Company Marianna's Fundraisers Sale

When: 27th of June 2023, Pick Up 5:00pm-6:30pm
Where: Everett Fire Company 101 W Main St, Everett, PA 15537
Orders due by: Tuesday June 20, 2023 by 5pm
Marianna's Fundraisers Logo with Pizzas and Hoagies

Marianna's Fundraisers - The Fundraiser That Sells Itself

Looking for a Delicious Fundraiser??

In 1981, the DelGrosso Family established Marianna’s Fundraisers as a way to help organizations meet their fundraising goals. By offering fresh, quality products, Marianna’s Fundraisers allows people of all ages to enjoy prepared, authentic Italian foods at home. Marianna’s Fundraisers helps thousands of groups raise funds for a variety of worthy causes, such as churches, non-profit organizations, clubs, bands and school groups.

We pride ourselves in making your community better, one pizza and hoagie at a time. Marianna's has become a favorite among many because it is "The Fundraiser That Sells Itself".